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Wellness & Preventative Care

Our wellness and preventive care includes wellness exams, routine check ups, vaccinations, heartworm testing, flea and tick prevention and overall health monitoring for your pet.

Urgent & Emergency Care

Accidents can happen at any time. During hospital hours, we offer sick pet exams, in-house diagnostic testing, medications and treatment.

We also offer 24/7 access to virtual veterinary care outside of our regular hospital hours.

Surgical Services

We offer routine surgeries, such as spay and neuter, to more complex orthopaedic and soft tissue surgeries.

All pet parents are welcome to watch their pet's surgery in our surgical viewing area, allowing for a sense of closeness and reassurance.
Our state of the art surgery suite.


Our team provides top-tier dental care and treatment including cleanings, extractions and digital intraoral radiography in our dedicated dental suite.

Diagnostics & Imaging

We offer a range of in-house diagnostic testing, including in house blood work, urinalysis and cytology.

Our imaging services include in-house digital radiography as well as ultrasound.

Exotics & Wildlife

At Vetwell, our expertise isn't limited to just cats and dogs.

We extend our compassionate care to other small animals as well, including rabbits, hedgehogs, rodents and ferrets.  We will also assist with any distressed wildlife, including birds.

24/7 Virtual Veterinary Care

Smart.Vet, our proprietary telemedicine service, is available to clients 24/7 for those urgent care matters that arise outside of office hours.

When clients call Smart.Vet, they will first speak to a Registered Veterinary Technician at no charge. RVTs will promptly evaluate the concern and direct to the appropriate level of care, be it immediate in-person attention or a scheduled virtual consult.

By harnessing the power of Smart.Vet, we ensure that expert care is just a phone call away at any hour.

Additional Services

We offer additional services such as laser therapy, end of life support, prescription diets and supplementation.

Our team would be happy to speak to you about any of our additional service offerings.

Our Services

A commitment to excellence across a wide spectrum of veterinary services, tailored to every stage of your pet's life.

Receive thorough wellness check-ups to ensure a healthy foundation for your pet's life.

Navigate the complexities of pet health with our advanced diagnostic and treatment options.

Stay confident in your pet's well-being with ongoing support, education, and preventive care from our dedicated team.

Our Mission

To redefine the veterinary experience for pets and their people by making transparency, comfort and innovation our standard.

Quality care, compassion, and expertise at the heart of every appointment.

“Absolutely amazing! Very thorough and compassionate.”
- Peter


What species do you care for?

We are currently equipped to provide care for dogs, cats, and small animals including but not limited to ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, rodents, hedgehogs, degus, sugar gliders, chinchillas, and other pocket pets. We will also provide medical care for injured wildlife and ensure that we locate an appropriate licensed rehabilitator once the animal is medically stable.

Do I need an appointment to see a veterinarian?

While we recommend scheduling an appointment to ensure minimal wait time, we understand that emergencies can arise and are here to help! Give us a call and we'll try our best to help in any situation!

I have a concern but you're closed. What should I do?

You can call our phone line 24/7/365. After business hours, you'll be prompted to leave us a message or speak to our after hours Smart.Vet support team. A Registered Veterinary Technician will triage your concern and direct you to the best level of care.
If you have any further questions, please reach out to our friendly team.
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