What is an “Open Concept” Animal Hospital?

An open concept hospital, for us, means transparency, involvement and comfort for pets and their people.

Open concept means transparency in its truest form.

Gone are the days of mysterious back rooms and closed doors. At Vetwell, you have the choice to observe as much or as little as you’d like to. Whether it's a routine check-up, a complex procedure, or a surgical operation, our facility allows you to witness the high-quality care we provide. 

By involving you in every step of the veterinary care process, we empower you to make informed healthcare decisions. Our hospital design facilitates easy communication and collaboration between veterinarians and pet parents. We want every visit to be comfortable, transparent and stress-free for you and your best friend.

Our no-barriers approach eliminates the intimidating reception areas, replacing them with an open, welcoming space. The use of glass throughout the hospital ensures visibility and a sense of inclusiveness, while our dedicated mezzanine viewing area doubles as a boardroom for pet parents to watch over their pets and work if needed.

Open concept means we’re more than just a hospital.

Our hospital features a kids' room equipped with a TV, PlayStation, colouring books, and games to keep little ones engaged as well as a lounge area and kitchen (stocked with refreshments) for both pet parents and staff to unwind and connect.

Open concept means we put our values into action.

We’ve built more than just a hospital; we’ve created a new experience. Our hospital design is a physical manifestation of our core values:

  • Comfort - We've created a space where pets and pet parents can feel at ease.
  • Connection - Our hospital design encourages meaningful interactions and a deeper connection between our team and the families we serve.
  • Transparency - We've embraced openness in our practice, offering you peace of mind through visibility and clear communication.

We encourage you to visit us! Our team would be happy to give you a hospital tour, introduce you to our veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians and give you a first hand look at what an open concept hospital means for you and your pet.

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